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March 24th, 2010


its like the whole world is your enemy now. like you are offending everyone single soul around you. you can nv communicate. you can never be understood. everything you said is not heard by others. and everything you do is not appreciated.

sometimes i really wonder if i'm being born in the wrong family. or maybe my mum made a wrong chioce 21 years ago. maybe she shouldn't have listen to my father. she should have went ahead with her decision. that could have saved us so much misery and heartaches.

stress is building up. but everything is screwing up. fml

December 18th, 2009

it's december alrd!!!

can you imagine that?
at the start of the year i was still apoly student waiting for my attachment to be over.
and now i've alrd graduated for half a year -.-
damn i feel old man.

let's start thinking on my new year resolution (:

and on the random note.
i do like you. but do you?
and can you stand it? idk.
time will tell.  (:

its gna be busy till jan'10


December 11th, 2009

(no subject)



is the essence of all the wisdom of the ages, distilled into a single word. You cannot see sisterhood, neither can you hear it nor taste it. But you can feel it a hundred times a day. It is a pat on the back, a smile of encouragement.

yea. but i feel nth at all from you.

November 25th, 2009

what is the world coming to?

srsly. i feel that this year is really not a very auspicious year?
for the whole year now. i've been getting news that relatives are hospitalized. friends admitted to hospital. people passing away. (and mind you its not just one)
and i even got myself landed in the hospital.
woo. this is too much to take man.
daddy's stressed over popo's condition cos she's due for operation tmr. 2 major ones according to him.
to insert something into her heart to regulate her heartbeat and to "unblocked" the clogged blood vessels on her right hand
but i'm down for work tmr so i can't be there for him.
and see him so exhausted by the visiting of my popo. now i know why he dont like me to be at the hospital.
the next thing that i forsee. him falling sick due to exhaustion.

maybe its also due to growing up. but seeing people come and go in my life just dont feel right.
its like the purpose of that person living in this world just vanishes into the thin air.
like it didnt matter if they have had existed before.
like as thou they can be taken just with a snap of a finger.
but no one knows the pain and consequences that lingers after the absence.

just be there for my 21st. that's all i ask for. you'll get well popo. you know you will.

November 17th, 2009


i think one thing bad abt me is that i make judgement abt people too fast.
and my perception of them changes one my thinking is set.
thats not very good.
maybe i should change.

November 8th, 2009

lazy sunday afternoon

. man time really flies. 2 more months and we are ready to welcome a brand new year with brand new hopes.
wah piang eh. haahahahahahahahaha. november liao la.
freaking super fast.
i rmb i was still counting down to the end of my internship.
now its alrd a month past since i came back from japan.
srsly things just tends to fast forward by themselves when you get older eh?
no wonder there's a saying that goes 时间不留人(meaning time waits for nobody)
and soon i'm turning 21 but still no achievements or accomplishment from me yet.
what a disgrace you are peggy
daddy mummy are gna be so sad and disappointed in you.
oh wells. thats just me. i'll figure out smth to do.

life recently has just been work and dance and OB and work and dance and OB and drinking and kbox-ing and work
hahahahahahahahah kinda boring routine life
but i really miss those times where we'll just dance in the studio and prepare for performance or just go to class tgt
i sae the video that orange posted on facebook.
damn that performance was really the one that sort of brought everyone in NRA tgt.
super miss those times.

but now everyone's grown up and everyone has different responsibilities and changes in their lifes that they have to face.
including myself.
sometimes i just hope a time machine will appear. then we can just tune back to which ever time that we want.
okay maybe i'm still sleeping.

its really a lazy sunday afternoon and time is passing by like a snail trying to complete a 2.4km run.
i'm due for work later. but i'm not in the mood to work today. maybe i'll just slack all the way. lols
damn i miss my everything.

October 12th, 2009


okay i think i'm seriously getting in depression state.


its been almost a week since i came back from japan?
but i can't stop thinking abt it. NOOOOOOO NOT AT ALLLLLLLLL~~~
it's worse that missing your bf. really

i miss the food
the people
the life there
the air
the atmosphere
the dance class.


i want to go back to japan ><
like now~


and since i came back from japan, i've nv stop complaining abt singapore
okay i'm a v biased citizen
but you can't blame me for that
i've been liking japan since i was 12 years old
i belong there i think. i think my mum gave birth to me in the wrong country.
photos soon~


back to thinking abt japan  :DDDDD

September 26th, 2009

.... so much so


"just smile all the time
shine your teeth till meaningless
and sharpen them with lies"

September 16th, 2009

a happy random tuesday~

i slept till 2pm today. gosh ~
i think i better start doing smth abt my life if not i think i'll just be wasting them away.
but i did fruitful things today.
tidied up my room and the house and realised that the kitchen was in a gh-my-gosh-freaking-dirty-and-discussing state so i decided to scrub it.
cleaned the toilet from inside out too. did the laundry.
my oh my. dont i sound like a typical housewife? HAHAHAHAHHA
eh eh eh HELLO HELLO
this one is call filial can. clean the house for everyone's comfort.
tch. but like as if anyone in the house will care

then got text from jia wen that we're meeting for dinner. so *zooom* and i was out in town.
WENT TO ION!!! first time sial like excited kid! LOLS
soup sppon-ed for dinner cos val and ying2 nv try before. LOLS. but we all love what we ordered
AWESOME~~ ahahaha *okay i know nic and vic and whoever thatst reading this i promise this month i wouldn't drink soup spoon anymore -innocent smile- *
then went to FOX. damn why are their jackets all so nice. but the price is a killer.  - -

its nice to meet up with tr01 once in a while.
talking abt old sch days. the lectures the tutorials the canteen 2 fried fish bee hoon. LOLS
seems like everyone's busy with our own things. and its really a rare opportunity that we can meet up

which brings me to PPPPP
it's the 3rd year since we first met? time really flies. now all of us are like grown-ups.
we've got working adults. proud army gys serving the nation. enthu dance kia who's still enthu abt dance.
everyone's busy and we hardly get to meet up as often and the attendance for our meet up is also ( ... )
but still. i really miss those times that we wait for each other after class. the late supper. the last bus home. the stayovers. the last-minute-panic-then-study-tgt-for-exam-and-steal-mos-burger-sign days. the bpp chill outs. the chalet. the bbq. the many many things that we do tgt.
let's all try our best to meet up when we can ya? and esp on birthdays. (AND esp being considerate when it comes to paying up for bdays. you know what i mean)
it's not everytime that we get to see each other. so let's cherish ya? *misses*

i love you guys~!

September 14th, 2009



you are not even at home half the time


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